Planned credit card system upgrade:

April 22-27, 2021

Here’s what you need to know about your credit card service, ScotiaLine and statements

Thursday April 22 to Tuesday April 27, 2021:

Your credit card payments, available balance and cash advance

  • Your payments, available balance and cash advance payment(s) made during this time to your credit card and ScotiaLine personal line of credit will be posted to your account on April 28, 2021, however you will continue to have access to view your available credit balance up until April 25, 2021 via the Scotia Caribbean App, Scotia OnLine Banking, Telescotia, at the ATM or at any Branch. Full service will be restored on April 28, 2021.

  • No additional interest fees or penalties will be applied as a result of this delay.

  • Should you need to make a cash advance, you may do so at the ATM up to April 25, 2021.

Your credit card transactions

  • You can make online purchases, bill payments, standing order payments and use vendor point-of-sale terminals as usual.

  • Note: all purchases/transactions made during the upgrade will be posted to your account on April 28, 2021.

Your credit card statement(s)

  • Statements issued from April 23 to April 27, 2021 will now be issued on April 22, 2021 

  • Statements issued on April 28, 2021 and April 30, 2021 will now be issued on May 3, 2021

  • Your usual statement cycle will resume following the upgrade.

Your Scotiabank Alerts

  • Alerts will not be sent during the planned upgrade.

  • Your safety is our top priority. The Fraud Monitoring team will continue to closely review the activity on your credit card.

  • Should you need to report a lost or stolen credit card during this time, please reach out to our Contact Centre on 242-356-1697.

We’re here to help. 

Find out more on, call us on 242-356-1697 , or email us on

Frequently Asked Questions

The new credit card platform will allow for greater flexibility and enhanced functionalities in our credit card products and services such as:

  • Ability to convert credit card transactions into installment plans
  • Access to a new Rewards Platform that will allow customers to redeem points online
  • A redesigned credit card statement, which is compliant with all regulatory requirements. Improvements include an easier to read layout, rewards points balance, space for marketing messages, details on installment plans etc.
  • Dual currency credit cards: Customers will be able to use their approved credit limit to make purchases in USD or local currency (applicable to some countries).
  • Enhanced fraud protection via Alerts for credit card customers with additional cardholders on their account.
  • Credit card campaign bonuses will be credited to customer accounts automatically

We will be migrated to TSYS effective April 28, 2021. Some of our services will not be available leading up to this date to facilitate the migration.



Yes, some credit card services will have delays or will not be available leading up and during the migration period of April 22 to 27.

Customers will be able to make purchases using their credit card with no interruption. The following services will be available with limitations:

  • Credit Card Payments
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Cash Advance 

All credit card products and Scotialine for all segments will be impacted. 

Your online subscriptions will not be affected by the system upgrade. Please note however that transactions and/or payment(s) made to your credit card during this time, will be posted to your account on April 28, 2021. 

There will be no impact to customers’ ability to make purchases using their credit card. 

Customers will be able to make payments to their credit card during the transition period, however their available credit balance will not be updated for payments made on April 26th & 27th until April 28th. Customers will not be charged any late fees or penalty.

Yes, payments made from April 22 to 25th will update the customer’s available credit balance/ available limit. Payments made on April 26th & 27th will NOT update the customers available credit balance. All payments done will however be posted on April 28th and will be backdated to the original transaction date.

Payments using a Scotiabank cheque will reflect in available credit balance/ available limit immediately. Non-Scotiabank cheques for credit card payment will be accepted however available credit balance/available limit will NOT be updated until April 28 end of Day. In both cases the payment will be posted on April 28th.

Credit card payments made to accounts that were already delinquent before April 22nd will not be updated until payments are applied April 28th end of day.

During the transition, customers will only be able to view their available credit balance /available limit. On April 26th & 27th the available credit balance/available limit will not be available.

Cash advance will be available only at the ATM from April 23rd to 25th. On April 26th & 27th Cash advance will not be available.


Transfers and Bill Payments at the ATM, IVR, Online & Mobile Banking will not be available from April 23 to 27th

Yes, customers will be able to conduct all transactions not related to their credit cards during the downtime. 

Statement cycle date is the cutoff date of your credit card cycle and the date which your statement is printed. It is the same date each month and your due date is 25 days from your statement date for credit cards and 21 days from your statement date for your scotialine.

Customers with their statement cycle from the 23rd to the 27th will be changed to the 22nd

Customers with statement cycle on the 28th and the 30th will be changed to the 3rd

Our systems will encounter some interruptions during the transition period of the migration to TSYS. In order to reduce the negative impact to customers, we have changed statement cycle dates that fall within the transition period.

No, customers statement cycle will revert to the original cycle dates before the change in the month of May 2021. 

If your statement date was April 25, your new statement date will April 22. This means that your interest will be calculated as follow:

Average daily balance (ADB) x annual percentage rate (APR) x [number of days in cycle/ 365]

Before: $1,000 x 19.9% x [31 /365] = $16.90

Now: $1,000 x 19.9% x [28 /365] = $15.26

Your minimum payment due will still be 25 days after your regular cut off period if it’s a credit card and 21 days if it’s a Scotialine.

No, customers will not receive credit card alerts from April 23rd to 27th.

Fraud monitoring activities will continue during the downtime and customer’s cards can still be blocked if they are compromised during the migration period.

In preparation for the migration, we will need to stop account creation for supplementary/employee/partner & corporate credit cards on April 8th and primary cards on April 16th. These activities can resume on May 4th.

Supplementary cards issued before the migration to TSYS will be impacted as follows after the migration:

  • They cannot be activated and pinned if not done by April 22nd at 12pm (11am for Jamaica and Cayman)
  • Pin changes cannot be facilitated
  • They will be changed to a new card with a different card number from the primary starting July 2021