Scotiabank  Bahamas Continues Expansion Of “Smart” ABM Fleet

New Providence, Bahamas – July 20, 2021 – Scotiabank Bahamas has recently installed an additional ten Intelligent Deposit Machines (IDMs) or “smart” ABMs across its banking network. The new machines now bring to a total of 22, the number of IDMs across the Bahamas that are now offering expanded banking services including real-time cash deposits 24 hours per day.

In this latest round of upgrades, additional IDMs are now available at the Cable Beach, Rawson Square, Thompson Boulevard, Carmichael Road and Wulff Jerome Branches.  Expanded ABM services are also now available at the Palmdale and East & Solider Road Branches.             

“The expansion of our electronic banking channels remains an area of focus and as we announced a few weeks ago, we continue to make several improvements to our facilities and banking channels so that we can continue to provide more convenient channels for customers to Bank. This is especially important as customers look for safer channels to Bank given the uncertainties caused by the pandemic,” Archer noted.

Roger Archer, Managing Director of Scotiabank Bahamas also promises additional IDMs by the end of the year as the Bank moves to improve customer access and convenience.

The improvement in the ABM capacity also aligns with continuing increases in customer preference for electronic & digital banking channels. According to Archer, the Bank continues to see significant use of its digital and offsite banking channels.

“We continue to thank our customers for their patience throughout this period of upgrade and we are certain that they will be pleased with the improved convenience going forward,” Archer shared.

The newly installed smart ABMs which were introduced to the Bahamas in August 2020 currently offer convenient new feature such as immediate credit on cash deposits, cash denomination options, loan and credit card payments and may also be used to activate new customer cards.