Scotiabank Donation Brings Christmas Cheer To Unity House

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Roger Archer ( left) , Managing Director, Scotiabank Bahamas and Na-amah Barker, Director, Retail Banking presents a donation of $10,000 USD to Rev. Janet Butler ( centre) ,co-founder of Unity House. The donation will assist with operational expensed for the home which provide care for the elderly and the indigent.

New Providence, Bahamas – December 18, 2020 - Scotiabank Bahamas has provided what has been described as a “timely donation” of US$10,000 to The Unity House. The donation will assist with mounting operational costs at the home which provides shelter and care to the elderly and indigent who visit the Home each month.

Speaking at a brief handover ceremony, Na-amah Barker, Director, Retail Banking explained the Bank’s decision to provide funding to the Home at this time. “As we move closer to Christmas, Scotiabank is very appreciative of organizations like Unity House, who care for our elderly,” Barker said.
“At every level, we have all been affected by COVID-19 and so we are very happy that the team at Unity House continues to provide assistance for the most vulnerable in society – who at a time like this, are high risk for contracting the virus,” Barker added.

Roger Archer, Managing Director, Scotiabank Bahamas emphasized the Bank’s continued role in supporting charitable causes across the region. He also urged others to consider charitable activities during the festive season.
“We take this opportunity to urge everyone to take safety precautions and to continue to do all they can to extend a helping hand to those who are suffering as a result of the pandemic,” Archer said.

During the visit, the Scotiabank team assisted with the serving of meals to residents at the home.

Reverend Janet Butler, co-founder of Unity House explained that since COVID-19, the Home like many others is facing hard times. She thanked the Bank for its latest donation saying “I want to thank Scotiabank for this very timely donation as we work to provide for the many needs of our residents during COVID and your continued support over the years. It really warms my heart,” Butler said.
Located on East Street, Unity House serves as a residence for over 70 senior citizens and relies heavily on private donations.