Women in senior leadership roles exceed 50% at Scotiabank Bahamas

Nadia Stubbs

New Providence, The Bahamas- (March 8,2021) – Scotiabank is  reaffirming its commitment to diversity and gender equality throughout its operations as the Bank observes International Women’s Day 2021.

Both locally and across the Caribbean region, the Bank is also celebrating the achievement of record numbers of women across its senior leadership ranks. In the Bahamas, more than 75 % of middle management and executives at the directorship level are female while at the senior management and company board level, women account for approximately 57% of its leaders.

In January, Scotiabank also named Anya Schnoor – a Caribbean national - as the Executive Vice President for the Bank’s operations in the Caribbean, Central America and Uruguay (CCAU) region.

“Inclusive hiring practices are a critical component of our diversity and inclusion strategy,” noted Nadia Stubbs, Director, Human Resources, Scotiabank Bahamas.

“As part of our strategy, we are delibrate in ensuring that female talent is equitably represented at the management level and have equal access to leadership development opportunities.” Stubbs further explained.

Commenting on the achievement of his female counterparts and International Women’s Day, Roger Archer, Managing Director expressed pride and hailed the tremendous contribution that his female counterparts have made to the success of the Bank.

“The achievements of women both at the Bank and across the Bahamas are both laudable and inspiring. I am very proud to represent an organization that supports and encourages the contributions of women at every level.  Undoubtedly, their involvement fosters greater efficiency in our operations, more balanced decision making within our teams and this ultimately  improves the service we offer to our customers,” Archer said.

To mark International Women’s Day, the Bank will host a global webinar for its team members.