Scotiabank Premium Banking Plan

Right for you if:

  • You need access to funds anywhere, 24/7;
  • You enjoy unlimited banking convenience in branch, online, by phone and ATM.

Scotiabank Premium Banking – transactional and savings account

This account plan provides you with the flexibility of an everyday bank account offering unlimited day-to-day transactions3 combined with a savings account that pays a preferred rate of interest. The Scotiabank Premium Banking Package includes1 your choice of either a local currency or US dollarΔ transactional account, together with one or more local currency or US dollarΔ savings accounts. These accounts allow you to:

  • Enjoy an unlimited number of transactions3 on your transactional and savings accounts
  • Bank how and when you want – by cheque, at the branch or access your accounts 24/7 using any of our convenient Scotiabank self-serve channels
  • Transfer funds easily between your Scotiabank accounts as you need it
  • Earn a preferred rate of interest on your savings accounts



Unlimited Free electronic transfers between your own accounts


Unlimited Internet, Telephone and Mobile banking


Higher ATM limits

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