Legal Service Provider's Listing

Name of Lawyer or Law firm (In Alphabetical Order)
Office Location
Alexiou, Knowles & Co. Nassau
Baycourt Chambers Nassau
Bostwick & Bostwick Nassau
C.Yvette McCartney Chambers Nassau
Cafferata & Co.  Freeport
Callenders & Co. Nassau/Freeport
Clement Maynard & Co. Nassau
Cedric L. Parker & Co Nassau
Cheryl Bazard & Co. Nassau
Constantakis Knowles Nassau
Davis & Co Nassau
Dupuch & Turnquest Nassau
Delaney Partners Nassau
Dolly Young & Associates Nassau
Dorsette Law Chambers Freeport
Ferriera & Company  Nassau
Gail Lockhart-Charles & Co. Nassau
Gibson & Associates (Dwayne Gibson) Nassau
Glinton Sweeting O’Brien Nassau
Gouthro & Co. Freeport
Graham, Thompson & Co. Nassau/Freeport
Hall & Hall Nassau
Halsbury Chambers Nassau
Harry B. Sands Lobosky & Company Nassau
Higgs & Johnson Nassau/Freeport
Holowesko Pyfrom Fletcher Nassau
Ingraham Law Chambers Nassau
Johnson-Hassan & Co. Nassau
King & Co. Nassau
Klonaris & Co. Nassau
Knowles McKay & Culmer Nassau
Lennox Paton Nassau
Lewis & Longley   Nassau
Mackay & Moxey Nassau/Freeport
Maillis & Maillis Nassau
Mangra & Co. Nassau
McDonald & Co. Freeport
McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes Nassau/Freeport
Mckinney Turner & Co. Nassau
Meridian Law Chambers Nassau
Michael A. Dean & Co. Nassau
Michelle Y. Campbell & Co. Nassau
Mitre Court  Nassau
Monique V. Gomez Nassau
Munroe & Associates Nassau
Parris Whittaker Freeport
Pindling & Co. Nassau
Providence Law Chambers (formerly Chancellors Chambers) Nassau
Pyfrom & Co. Nassau
Roberts Isaacs & Ward Nassau
Sandrena C. Benjamin Chambers Nassau
Samuel Campbell & Co.  Nassau
Satory & Associates Nassau
Sean B Callender & Co.  Nassau
Sears & Co. Nassau
Seymour & Co.  Nassau
Sharon Wilson & Co.  Nassau
South-West Legal Services Nassau
Unwala & Co. Nassau
V. Alfred Gray & Co. Nassau
White & Co Nassau

*Please note that this list is not exhaustive and subject to periodic review. The Bank's criteria when considering legal service providers includes conveyancing expertise along with compliance of provisions of Legal Profession Act, delivery of quality work in a timely manner, a certificate of good standing and maintaining adequate indemnity insurance.