Press Release - Scotiabank Junkanoo Celebrations

SCOTIABANK'S ROOFTOP JUNKANOO CELEBRATIONS: Scotiabank Vice President and District Head, Northern Caribbean, Sean Albert, and other senior executives of the bank hosted clients and special guests to two exclusive events on the Bank's rooftop in Rawson Square to enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the recent Junkanoo parades. Albert expressed, "As we move into 2016, we expressed our appreciation to our clients and partners and forged new relationships, while enjoying the wonderful cultural expression of Junkanoo."

The Bank dubbed the recent events as 'Dey Coming' and 'Rhythm and Magic' which sparked excitement and heightened the expectation of these grand affairs. Guests waited in anticipation as their favourite groups brought their themes to life with extraordinary costume creations, impressive dance routines with the rhythmic and pulsating sounds of the goatskin drums.

Scotiabank is committed to supporting the communities in which we live and work and is recognized as a leader for its charitable donations and philanthropic activities, primarily in the areas of healthcare, education, social services and arts and culture.

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