Cash Management Services

Enhance your working capital, improve your information flow, and simplify your business’s administration

Account Management Services

    Secure and cost-effective management, reporting, and information services designed to help you control your account.

Get up-to-date account information instantly. Manage your cash more effectively from any computer with Internet access.

Authorise others to make deposits to your account at any Scotiabank branch in the country. Take advantage of comprehensive reporting.

Track paid and unpaid cheques to better manage your cash flow.

Consolidate your global banking information quickly and easily. 

Payable Services

        Prepare and process payments electronically to maximise your cash resources.

Have your payroll deposited electronically into each employee’s designated account. Pay your local suppliers and vendors more efficiently.

An efficient way to pay your local suppliers and vendors.

Transfer money safely and conveniently online to anywhere in the world.

Receivables Services

    Collect funds that are owed to your business more quickly and efficiently.

Simplify and streamline your receivables process with pre-authorised payments.

A quick and convenient way to collect payments from your customers.

Merchant Services 

    Securely handle credit and debit card processing with a convenient point-of-sale terminal.

Electronically process Visa1, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express® and have access to 3-D Secure, e-commerce, and Recurring Payments solutions.

Accept cards quickly and cost-effectively with secure local debit card processing, Visa debit and MasterCard debit processing. 

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