The Vision Statement

Do you have a vision of what you want your business to become? Have you put that idea down on paper — perhaps as part of your business plan? If so, you have a vision statement.

vision statement outlines what you want your business to be in the future. It gives shape and direction to your long-term business goals. Your vision is something for you (and your employees) to strive for, and is a snapshot of how you want to be seen 10 years out. It should be succinct, vivid, and inspiring.

In contrast, a mission statement describes what your business does best today. It’s a snapshot of what the company is now. Businesses should have both. Here are two examples:

Vision Statement
"We’ll be one of the world’s leading brand marketing companies by 2015. We’ll work with global clients to develop branding strategies for new and existing products."

Mission Statement
"We create and design logos for companies that are easily identifiable and resonate with the public."

You want to expand, but need money to do so. There are several choices that can help you find the money to grow your business.