Activate your power with the ScotiaCardTM Mastercard® Debit   

Enhanced protection with the new Chip & Pin Contactless ScotiaCardTM Mastercard® Debit 

The new ScotiaCard Mastercard® Debit card provides enhanced security based on proven technology used worldwide. The card creates a unique one-time transaction code every time it is inserted in a chip payment terminal or an ATM. Simply look for the contactless symbol at participating merchants, tap, and go.

What is  Chip & PIN debit? 

Chip & PIN cards feature an embedded microchip that encrypts cardholder information into a unique code improving security when making purchases at Chip-activated terminals. Chip & PIN technology provides better protection against fraud, with the added security of a Personal Identification Number (PIN). 

How do I activate my card?

You can activate it by:

  1. Activate at any Scotiabank or Cirrus ABM and enter your existing PIN.
  2. To enable contactless transactions, a cash withdrawal must be made from the card. 

How do I get my ScotiaCardTM Mastercard

No need to visit the branch to collect your card. 
Your new cards will be mailed to your address on file starting this October until March 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

You can activate it by using it at any Scotiabank ABM with your existing PIN

Peel off the sticker, sign your card immediately, and begin using it. Because your new card is replacing an old magnetic card, don’t forget to destroy your old card.

Putting a chip on a card adds an extra level of data encryption, since it allows you to authorize transactions by entering your PIN. Additionally, Chip & PIN cards can make it more convenient for you to use the Card internationally, since this technology is already common in many countries.

Insert the Chip-end of your card into the terminal with the chip facing up (leave the card in the terminal until you are prompted to remove it). Approve the amount and follow the prompts to enter your PIN or provide your signature. Remove the card when prompted. 

If you swipe your card at a merchant who supports Chip technology, a message will be displayed instructing you to insert your card into the terminal.

Yes, as part of this Chip &  PIN migration, your account number will remain the same. However, please note that if you receive a replacement Chip & PIN card for a lost or stolen card, your account number will differ for security purposes

  1.  Look for the contactless symbol at the terminal
  2. Wait for the merchant to start the transaction on the contactless terminal
  3. Tap to pay at the terminal
  4. if purchase is over US$50/JMD equivalent, enter your PIN or sign.

For your security, there is a limit for a contactless transaction. If the transaction is over $50USD/JMD equivalent, the merchant will ask you to insert the card and enter your PIN or sign to complete your purchase.

For security reasons, you will need to make one Chip and PIN / signature transaction before you can use your contactless card. From time to time, when making a contactless transaction you will be asked to insert your card and enter your PIN / provide your signature for additional security.

Yes, the expiration date and the three-digit security code on the back of your card will change with the new card. Please be sure to notify all merchants or vendors with whom you make recurring, pre-authorized payments

Yes, you can continue to use your magnetic stripe card until your new card arrives. Once you receive your new card, it is important that you activate it immediately in order to avoid service disruptions. Once you activate your new card, your old magnetic stripe card will be automatically and immediately deactivated.

No, your PIN does not expire, however, you will be required to re-select a new PIN each time you receive a new Chip and PIN card (you may choose the same or a different PIN). This step is necessary to sync your PIN with the chip embedded within the card

Protect your card

Scotiabank will never request your PIN, over email/phone. Do not disclose this information to anyone at any time