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The Bahamas' Deposit Insurance Corporation (DIC) is a public corporation, established under the Protection of Depositors Act, 1999.The DIC is managed by The Central Bank of The Bahamas (CBoB).

All licensed banking institutions, with Bahamian Dollar deposits, including Scotiabank (Bahamas) Limited, must have membership with the DIC. The DIC insures Bahamian dollar deposits placed with a member institution in any of its branches in The Bahamas. Its primary objective is to minimize or eliminate the risk of the loss of savings of Bahamian dollar deposits. Each eligible deposit in a member institution is insured up to a maximum of B$50,000 per depositor. This coverage insures both principal and interest for eligible deposits at each member institution.

Knowing that your deposits are protected should promote confidence and help to achieve the overall financial stability objective of the CBoB and licensed financial institutions like Scotiabank (Bahamas) Limited.

For more information follow The Bahamas' Deposit Insurance Corporation's link below:

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