Protect your family’s financial well-being. Ensure that the principal and interest remaining on your Scotiabank loan, mortgage, line of credit or credit cards are paid off in the event of your death or a diagnosis of a critical illness or health crisis.

Credit Protection Insurance

Ensure that your loan and credit balances are covered in the event a tragedy.

Credit Protection for Credit Cards

Affordable monthly premiums based on your balance. Automatic approval for those under 70. Single coverage only 29 cents for every $100, and no premium charge for zero balance.

Credit Protection for ScotiaLine

Enjoy proportional premiums based on the previous month’s balance and your age, and automatic approval if you’re 65 or under upon signup.

Credit Protection for Scotia Plan Loans

Ensure that your outstanding loan balance is paid up to the policy maximum in event of your death. Joint coverage available.

Credit Protection for Residential Mortgages

The younger you are, the less you pay. Joint coverage discounts available.

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